Podcast React!!!

The format of the podcast is helpful in my opinion because it lets you do other things while listening to the podcast. The fact that the podcast is all audio, lets you have your hands and eyes free to do other things, so it can be entertainment  while doing manual or repetitive labor. The podcast format is also great because the music and extra voices make it so you can easily imagine the setting and characters, but also gives space for personal imagination and creativity.  The use of a podcast for investigative journalism is good because it leaves out the visual aspect that could be too disturbing or some viewers, were it on TV. It includes a larger audience and is a cheaper option than a TV. It covers great detail that newspaper couldn’t offer. I prefer the podcast due to it requiring less  focus, letting the listener do other things. Books and visual texts require more attention  and are more for visual learners. Some people may have a hard time sitting down and readying about a murder for an hour.

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Memory can be a big barrier to cases that take a long time to solve. Remembering irrelevant facts about a day that didn’t stand out can put slow down a case, and yet there is nothing that can be done ameliorate the situation. I personally have a terrible memory and would hardly be able to provide any information about a random day six weeks ago. This is also a good excuse for people to withhold information regarding a potential murder.


Applying Archetypes to A Mercy by Toni Morrison


The book’s main theme is how slavery isn’t always maintained by physical means, but rather through threats and leverage. The owner of the land goes by the name of Jacob Vaark. In the beginning, he seems to be against slavery and does his best to avoid owning slaves for his farm, run by him and his wife. After speaking to a man at a tavern, Vaark realized that he could increase his wealth easily by farming sugar cane and owning slaves. This can be seen as power and wealth corrupting man archetype when Vaark thinks “Now he fondled the idea of an even more satisfying enterprise. And the plan was as sweet as the sugar on which it was based.” (Morrison 26). Vaark forgets a debt owed by a rich Spaniard by taking one of his slaves, and I believe that this is the event that triggers the corruption. Although Vaark doesn’t physically harm his slaves or treat them by color, race or legal status. Vaark posses his servants through the servants being culturally outcasts and threatened for sale, making them free, but also servants to Vaark. This crooked situation that Vaark has them in where they can leave if the please, but have no where else to go, is a new way to look at slavery. Although his servants are free,they wish to stay and work under him because of the other option being much worse. This idea gives the reader much to think about while reading the book,  because slaves are generally the victims of racism and discrimination too.


The importance of literature is very evident in the book, as none of Vaark’s servants know how to read or write, until Vaark comes in possession on Florens. This is an important event in the book for the servants, because literature unlocks so much of the world, thus, giving Florens more freedom. This reveals another theme another theme in the book, linking freedom and literature, or knowledge. With this knowledge, Florens uses her rare skills for a slave to free herself.

Starting from page 8, Vaark mentions many times his lack of fancy clothes and dirty figure when in D’Ortega’s presence. To me, his dirty clothes represent the hard work he does and his integrity. In contrast, D’Ortega may look clean and in power, but as Vaark observes, “considering that his coffers were as empty as his scabbard?” (Morrison 18). I think that Vaark is not only observing the status of D’Ortega’s coffers, but also him as a whole person. During this encounter, Vaark realizes that the only difference between himself and D’Ortega, is the slaves he owns. This encourages Vaark to act more recklessly towards, D’Ortega, knowing that D’Ortega wouldn’t dare try to do anything against Vaark. This exchange of power is also a factor that adds to Vaark’s corruption.dirty-boots.jpg

Is English Really That Important?

Some people may be wondering why grade 12 English is mandatory. For those who will be going into the sciences or something completely unrelated to English or literature, might think that taking English is a complete waste of time. It can seem like such a useless course to take when all the other courses in your grade 12 timetable are maths and sciences. Although it may seem like a waste of credit, English is very useful for everyday life and I think that universities should take it into consideration.

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Words people associate most when they think of English

Although not very apparent, English class teaches us how to use critical thinking. According to criticalthinking.org “Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and evaluating information gathered from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.” The long definition is saying the experiences in your life let you come to a conclusion of an action or train of thought. English class teaches us how to use those experiences to our advantage and give us a means to do so. Critical thinking is key during your whole life, so universities should always be looking for those who can do it well.


Through out all the English courses during high school, proper essay writing and style is of most importance, because not only does it help everyday writing in general, but also science labs, reports and any business related papers. English courses teach us how to write essays with clear, constructed ideas and well planned paragraphs and ideas. Even if you’re going into university for a science, lab reports are an essential part of those courses, and knowing how to properly write will help you.

Every English course requires the students to read a book and do an essay it. Reading books is great for developing different ideas and expanding your vocabulary. The analysis needed to write an essay on a book is needed in all other subjects. No matter what, analyzing written literature or observations is essential to all university courses.

The many oral and written discussions builds crucial communication skills needed in every field in university. Learning how to process an opinion and argue for your own and against other’s is very important for not only English but everyday life and other university courses.

I believe is necessary for universities to have a university level grade 12 English as a requirement for all university programs because of all the benefits the English courses offers to all programs.