Some people may be wondering why grade 12 English is mandatory. For those who will be going into the sciences or something completely unrelated to English or literature, might think that taking English is a complete waste of time. It can seem like such a useless course to take when all the other courses in your grade 12 timetable are maths and sciences. Although it may seem like a waste of credit, English is very useful for everyday life and I think that universities should take it into consideration.

English Pic1
Words people associate most when they think of English

Although not very apparent, English class teaches us how to use critical thinking. According to “Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and evaluating information gathered from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.” The long definition is saying the experiences in your life let you come to a conclusion of an action or train of thought. English class teaches us how to use those experiences to our advantage and give us a means to do so. Critical thinking is key during your whole life, so universities should always be looking for those who can do it well.


Through out all the English courses during high school, proper essay writing and style is of most importance, because not only does it help everyday writing in general, but also science labs, reports and any business related papers. English courses teach us how to write essays with clear, constructed ideas and well planned paragraphs and ideas. Even if you’re going into university for a science, lab reports are an essential part of those courses, and knowing how to properly write will help you.

Every English course requires the students to read a book and do an essay it. Reading books is great for developing different ideas and expanding your vocabulary. The analysis needed to write an essay on a book is needed in all other subjects. No matter what, analyzing written literature or observations is essential to all university courses.

The many oral and written discussions builds crucial communication skills needed in every field in university. Learning how to process an opinion and argue for your own and against other’s is very important for not only English but everyday life and other university courses.

I believe is necessary for universities to have a university level grade 12 English as a requirement for all university programs because of all the benefits the English courses offers to all programs.


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