The format of the podcast is helpful in my opinion because it lets you do other things while listening to the podcast. The fact that the podcast is all audio, lets you have your hands and eyes free to do other things, so it can be entertainment  while doing manual or repetitive labor. The podcast format is also great because the music and extra voices make it so you can easily imagine the setting and characters, but also gives space for personal imagination and creativity.  The use of a podcast for investigative journalism is good because it leaves out the visual aspect that could be too disturbing or some viewers, were it on TV. It includes a larger audience and is a cheaper option than a TV. It covers great detail that newspaper couldn’t offer. I prefer the podcast due to it requiring less  focus, letting the listener do other things. Books and visual texts require more attention  and are more for visual learners. Some people may have a hard time sitting down and readying about a murder for an hour.

Dog with headphones podcast.jpg

Memory can be a big barrier to cases that take a long time to solve. Remembering irrelevant facts about a day that didn’t stand out can put slow down a case, and yet there is nothing that can be done ameliorate the situation. I personally have a terrible memory and would hardly be able to provide any information about a random day six weeks ago. This is also a good excuse for people to withhold information regarding a potential murder.


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